Help for Vilnius

from Bassum to Vilnius

20. - 26. Sep 2016

km of km financed

2427 € of 2427 €

Awesome. This route has been funded completely. But luckily you can support our work in many different ways. So check out our „participate“ section.

Facts of the Trip

From September 20th to 26th, we did an Aid Trip in cooperation to the charity foundation “Help-from-Herat-to-Heart” to Vilnius – LT. After we load Aid Goods in Bremen and Dirmstein, we travelled in the direction “east”. Without any problems or complications we arrived safe and sound on September 23rd Vilnius. The people who welcomed us, immediately started to unload the truck. In the evening we visited Vilnius by night, which is a marvellous view. From a day, rich with experiences we sank into bed. The next day, we visited the whole ministry with its stations in the area of Vilnius. The social services received our Aid Goods later on, for now it was to much to deliver directly, thats why it was temporary stored where we unloaded the truck.
The target populations are Children and Youth who lives in the poorest parts under certain circumstances. Somehow they`re managing to get through life. Our Transport encouraged them to go on. Clothes and food stuff are fundamental needs and rights, which they don`t have. To see and experience this poverty first hand, moves our hearts and motivates us to come against it with everything which is available.
Thank God, we live in a country where everything is vibrant and abundant. We have many opportunities to help people like this kids.
Our way back home was very good so that we arrived well and filled up with love for those people in need on September 26th. Ready for the next trip! Thank you all for supporting Faithline!